Recently, in order to fulfill the commitment of sustainable and responsible production and further develop the international market, Grace has introduced the international standard system to accept the investigation of BSCI certification. Through the processes of document review, on-site audit, employee interviews and other examinations, Yibin Grace has completed a one-time certification. On June 29, BSCI organization issued the certification to Grace, which means Grace has become the first enterprise in the cellulose fiber staple industry to pass the certification.


BSCI(Business Social Compliance Initiative)是由对外贸易协会FTA于2003年3月成立的倡议商界遵守社会责任的组织,旨在评价和展示企业遵守社会责任的成效。BSCI认证因其全球影响力大、覆盖行业广、审核过程严苛而被国际社会广泛认可,在纺织行业下游品牌商中广泛应用。

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is an organization established by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) in March 2003 to promote social responsibility in the business sector. It aims to evaluate and exhibit the effectiveness of their compliance. BSCI certification is widely recognized by the international community because of its global influence, wide coverage of the industry, stringent audit process, and widely used in the textile industry downstream brands.



The successful passage of the BSCI corporate social responsibility certification is a high recognition and affirmation of Grace’s work of performing social responsibility and safeguarding the rights and interests of employees. It indicates that the business management level of the company has reached the new requirements of international standards and reflects the high sense of social responsibility, good staff relations and outstanding social performance. This achievement has laid a solid foundation for Grace to enhance its core competitiveness and open up the international market.



In what follows,Grace will take the BSCI certification as an opportunity to adhere to the development concept of “green, low-carbon, healthy and sustainable”, accelerate the development of circular economy, reduce the impact of business activities on resources and the environment, and deepen the joint construction with upstream and downstream partners. We will continue to build a sustainable all-channel supply chain and a systematic, comprehensive and in-depth enterprise management system. All the efforts are made by Grace to be the pioneer, promoter and leader of sustainable development as well as to devote ourselves to the healthy and stable development of the cellulose fiber staple industry.